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Attorney Testimonials

Getting a referral from another lawyer is one of the highest honors Jeffrey Nadrich feels he can receive. Getting praise for your work after the referral is even better. Here are a few testimonials from lawyers who have referred us personal injury cases in the past few years:

Jeffrey Nadrich and Nadrich & Cohen ahs handled many motorcycle cases for us throughout California and has obtained outstanding results in each and every case.
Attorney Jason Wachler of Michigan, 2010, for work performed 2008-2010

Nadrich & Cohen are one of the best personal injury law firms in California. We are a very large Texas law firm. We send all of our California personal injury cases to Nadrich & Cohen. We are proud of their work. The clients love them. I highly recommend them.
Attorney Jamie Shaw of Carabin & Shaw for work performed from 2005-2010.

I have referred Jeffrey Nadrich California cases of our Texas residents who are injured in California. The feedback I have received is that Jeffrey Nadrich and Nadrich & Cohen have done a superb job. Thank you for making me look good to my clients.
Attorney Michael Moore of McAllen Texas for work performed from 2008-2010.

We are an Arizona law firm. We have referred N&C personal injury cases which occurred in California. They did a great job for our clients on all the cases we sent them. I highly recommend them.
S. Richardson, The Hurwitz law firm

My name is Dave Peterson of the Peterson & Associates Law firm in Kansas City, Kansas. I have known Jeffrey Nadrich for over ten years. We have worked throughout the country together in national mass torts. Every project we have ever done has been incredibly successful for the clients. When there is a California injury case of one of our clients we will refer the client to Jeffrey Nadrich. Because they have 17 offices throughout California, we know there is an office near where our California client was injured. The feedback from our clients has been nothing but positive about the work Nadrich & Cohen performed. I wholeheartedly recommend that if you are in an accident in California you contact Nadrich & Cohen to help you.
David Peterson of Peterson & Associates for cases from 2004 to 2010.

Thank you Jeffrey Nadrich and Nadrich & Cohen for handling the California cases our law firm refers to you. I always appreciate the hard work you and your staff put into every case. Your expertise is invaluable. You always do an excellent job. Your preparation and work ethic is the best. Because you are such a great lawyer, we refer all of our California injury victims.
B. Panter, Panter & Panter, Florida Law Firm for referrals 2005-2010, Florida.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury and you are in California, please contact the California personal injury lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen by calling 800-718-4658 or by emailing us your confidential inquiry on the right.

Disclaimer: Any mention of results in testimonial are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the client's cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case. Nadrich and Cohen, LLP is proud of its past achievements, but its prior success does not and cannot guarantee a similar outcome in the future.


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